UV–VIS–NIR in Process Environments

For modern industry, the recognition of chemical contents in various products is becoming increasingly important. Highly sensitive analytical methods are needed which provide a fast correlation with the actual performance of the production process. Optical technology, measuring the absorption, transmission or reflectance of material, is able to quantify and characterize the product during its production process online and continuously [24/7]. A broadband spectrum from one measurement point contains the information from multiple parameters such as different chemical contents. Whilst spectrophotometers deliver the light-matter interaction for a certain wavelength, tec5 UV-VIS-NIR process spectrometer systems measure complete spectra of the same type at once. Several distributed spectrophotometers,measuring on different positions in the product stream, are replaced by a diode array based spectrometer. The spectrometer, optical sensors electronics can be chosen to cover the desired spectral range and will measure the complete spectral information in situ. In comparison to a spectrophotometer the corresponding optics of a spectrometer system do not need any narrow band optical filters. Moreover, due to the broad spectral intensity information, referencing and corrective operations [baseline correction], even in a data pre-processing [bubble and particle detection] are realized on the measured spectra in the product stream without applying multiple reference materials such as necessary in a spectrophotometer set-up.

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UV-VIS-NIR Software for Industrial Operation

Measures are obtained from the spectra using sophisticated process software. Despite the measurement of absorption, transmission or reflectance over broad wavelength ranges, an evaluation of the color or correlation of different chemical contents to the appearing spectral signals by applying chemometric algorithms can be performed. Even layer thicknesses can be determined. In addition, a process connection to the control system of the plant is provided by the spectrometer system and the process software [for example tec5’s MultiSpec® Pro II]. The transferred measures will be used to monitor or even control a production process in the laboratory scale or online at the plant leading to a higher efficient production at the same.

UV-VIS-NIR for Mobile Applications

UV-VIS-NIR mobile applications comprise the highest requirements for spectrometer systems. Housings, electronics, optical components and spectral sensors of the spectrometer systems from tec5 can be configured to resist various influences in harsh environments. Heat, cold, moisture, vibrations, shocks, mechanical abrasion and corrosive chemicals are to be considered in a [24/7] usage. Often, geometrical restrictions with respect to the size of the whole system have to be fulfilled. In the field of agricultural industry, mobile spectroscopy utilizes the spectral information to reach optimal growth potential of the plants by targeted fertilizing. Excess costs and environmental damage may be avoided in addition.

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