Transmission Measurement by Optical Spectroscopy

Optical spectroscopic techniques, such as UV-VIS-NIR allow for the atline and online, real-time analysis of multiple parameters for quality control. These analytical techniques have been used for transmission measurements in various applications and are easily adapted to different sampling methods including fiber-optic immersion probes, reflection probes and flow-through cells. The sample is illuminated by a continuous, white light source. The transmitted light is then measured as a function of wavelength.

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Quality Control of Solar Glass

The most demanding sales argument for solar modules beside price is the efficiency. As a part of the system the front-glass pane can be optimized, where the important criterion is the light transmission. The transmission can be increased with special coatings, surface structures and materials. The fast, precise tec5 MultiSpec® spectrometer systems based on diode-array technology enable a 100% inspection within all production steps. The new RTP measuring head guarantees fast and reliable quality control in the lab. It is designed to collect color information and spectral data from transmission and reflection measurements of coated glass and other highly specular material.