Process Communication

Spectrometer based in-line measurement systems are linked to the central control system using suitable communication interfaces to provide measurement results and status information. Depending on existing infrastructure in the plant or machine different standardized interfaces may be used.
As extended requirements driven by Industry 4.0 for sensors, the exchange of multiple measurement results should be bidirectionally. Sensor systems are intended to be used in a sensor network in order to measure different properties in batch processes, depending on the product in fabrication. Protocol based interfaces, such as Profibus DP or OPC Classic are ideally suited to communicate a higher number of results via a standardized line.
In older infrastructures, classic process interfaces, such as 4-20mA with 24V logic inouts and outputs are still used, requiring a pair of wires for each information to be communicated. In PC-based measurement systems, this link is provided by a special hardware adaption including software driver or by a pure software solution.
Embedded sensors based on our tecSaaS platform can be equipped with the required process interface to directly communicate with the process or machine controller.