Most spectrometers are connected to a PC [a host] and measurement data are transferred to the host PC. In addition, the host can perform tasks such as controlling, parametrization and functional supervision of the hardware.

A standard PC interface, contained in the operating electronics, establishes interconnection between the spectrometer system and the host-PC. The interface type determines the data-transfer speed and the real-time properties of the measurement system.

Interface types

When selecting the interface type, it is important to consider the communication speed and propagation delays as well as the availability of the connection in the location of measurement.

Ethernet: standard network interface, maximum line length of 100 m per segment, with versatile networking possibilities. Most office and industry networks are based on Ethernet connections.

USB: standard interface for connection of peripheral devices to PCs, maximum line length of 5 m, serial communication.

PCIe: internal standard interface for plug-in boards [PCI express bus].