Reflection Measurement by Optical Spectroscopy

Optical spectroscopic techniques, such as UV-VIS-NIR and Raman, allow for the at-line and in-line, real-time analysis of multiple parameters for process and quality control. The spectrometer systems have been used for reflection measurements in various applications and are easily adapted to different sampling methods including fiber-optic reflection probes and active measuring heads. The sample is illuminated by a continuous, white light source. The reflected light is then measured, allowing the determination of the spectral information as a function of wavelength.

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Thin film Measurement of Anti-Reflection Coatings on Solar Cells

The modern diode-array technology provides a fast and effective in-line measure of the reflectance and the color of the anti-reflection coating on solar cells. This information enables process optimization and color sorting. Furthermore, with the index of refraction, the software can precisely calculate the layer thickness. This application was created in a joint venture with Vitronic and won the CellAward in 2009.

Biomass and Moisture Analysis

The rising demand on biogas stimulates the need for analytical methods which allow monitoring of the entire process from harvest to biogas production. NIR spectroscopy is a powerful measurement tool for moisture and biomass. The NIRON II reflection measuring head can be attached either to the harvesting machine or directly in the biogas facility. Thus, complete quality control of the biomass is ensured. The NIRON II reflection head is optimized for strongly structured samples such as silage. Exact reproducible results are obtained by an automatic internal reference panel.

Field Spectroscopy

The spectral measurements of plants provide valuable information about the vegetation status and the content of different plant ingredients. The generated spectra are interpreted and generate quantitative data about qualities such as the nitrogen need, maturity, water content and biomass. The measurements are carried out by reflection spectroscopy directly in the field, so the plants can be monitored over their entire growth phase. The portable, battery-driven HandySpec® Field and the AgroSpec® systems are qualified for this application and can be configured for different wavelength ranges. All these optical sensors are based on OEM components, which are also part of the tec5 product range.