tec5 - Your Partner for Spectroscopy

tec5 UV-VIS-NIR and Raman spectrometer solutions extend into many applications. Industrial optical spectroscopy is instrumental in helping industry maintain optimal quality in the production process to reduce costs. tec5 supplies OEM components worldwide for inspection systems in wafer and LED production. Various groups focusing on process analytics [PAT] of multinational chemical companies rely on our spectrometer systems in many demanding installations.

The environment benefits from faster, more accurate measurement methods, which can be used directly in the field. The well-known Yara N-sensor, a tractor based measurement system, was developed by tec5 and determines the nutrient requirements of plants and directly controls the fertilizer dispenser. Moreover, research and development labs use the technology to create new materials and streamline processes. For example, scientists at universities and research centers need to measure the exact film thickness measurement of solar cells to optimize the efficiency of this future technology.

The following list shows some important industries, where tec5 technology is used:  
  • Agriculture
  • Glass
  • Optical
  • Lighting
  • Semiconductor
  • Chemical
  • Coating | Plating
  • Food
  • Solar
  • Pharma
  • Printing

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