The measurement of light emission is one of the most important applications for tec5. Leading instrument manufacturers and system integrators use our technology to design high-end measuring systems, industrial mobile spectrometers, for industrial applications in LED, display and light testing. Our focus in this market is on OEM business. tec5 usually does not supply the turnkey solution for end customers. However, there is one exception with the measurement of flashers and sun simulators in solar industry.

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Application Example: Qualification of Solar Simulators

Quality control of cells and modules is very important in the solar industry. During the final inspection, the efficiency is measured automatically while a solar simulator illuminates the product. As a part of final inspection tool the solar simulator needs to be monitored as well.
 The tec5 diode-array spectrometer can qualify pulsed or cw sunlight simulators. The MultiSpec® S²Q software is specially developed for this application and eases the procedure.

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