The Measurement of Color

tec5 spectrometer technology is capable of at-line and on-line, real-time analysis of color for quality and process control. Our systems have been used for color measurements in a variety of applications. They are easily adapted to different sampling methods including fiber-optic immersion, transmittance and reflection probes and flow-through cells. The transmitted or reflected light is measured, allowing evaluation of the spectral information as a function of wavelength or as colorimetric data such as L*, a*, b* values.
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Application Example: Color Measurement of Whisky

Hundreds of barrels of whisky are discharged everyday leaving workers with the decision to either reuse or rejuvenate the barrels. In the past, the whiskey had to be measured in the laboratory, which took a long time and the barrel couldn’t be used in the interim. Today, the Whisky Color Meter does at-line measurements very precisely and reliably. This speeds up the process and makes it more efficient. The hand-held Ex photometer was developed by tec5 AG in cooperation with Hellma GmbH & Co KG and the DIAGEO Global Supply Brand Technical Centre, Glenochil. This portable instrument with its in-built special design of fiber-optic immersion probe allows direct and easy color measurement of fluids in a bottle, drum or similar container.
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Application Example: Inline Color Measurement of Fatty Alcohols

BASF SE is the leading company in specialty chemicals. A key to their success is the superior quality of their natural source products, which undergo rigorous quality testing where the color of the fatty alcohols is a major quality criterion. In the past, samples for analysis were taken from the process stream and measured in the lab. 
The plant applied a MultiSpec® VIS in-line spectrometer system to streamline this time-consuming and cost-intensive procedure. Fiber optics connects a flow-through cell to the instrument, which communicates with a computer via Profibus DP protocol. The color is determined as Lovibond number. Before colorimetric data evaluation the software eliminates the effect of soiled windows by performing an offset correction.