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tecSpec® USB3

The tecSpec® USB3 product family contains spectrometer units based on fast CMOS photodiode array technology covering the UV-VIS [200 – 1100 nm] wavelength range. Compact and competitively priced, they are the ideal spectrometer solution for measurement tasks in research, development and industry. Based on high-grade spectral sensors and electronic components, the units are well suited for fast, precise spectral data acquisition. Each tecSpec® is shipped with an universal AC-input power supply, but may be operated directly with a DC supply. Acquired spectral data are transferred to a PC via a SuperSpeed USB3 interface.
A compact VIS light source [halogen] is also available, covering the whole spectral range from 190 – 2500 nm. Easy adaptation of light guides and fiber-optic probes is possible using standard SMA connectors on the front panel.

tecSpec USB3 Integriertes Spektrometersystem mit tecSpeed-Technology und USB3 Kommunikation

  • Selectable wavelength coverage in the UV-VIS range [200 – 1100 nm]
  • High measurement rates and accurate timing
  • Precise trigger capabilities
  • 16 bit A/D conversion
  • High spectral resolution and high dynamic range sensors available
  • USB3 SuperSpeed interface
  • Various synchronous and asynchronous modes of operation including burst acquisition
  • Flash trigger output
  • Includes MultiSpec® Pro II Basic Software
  • Customization Options: real-time preprocessing, custom modes and software

tecSpec® USB3 [various wavelength ranges within 190 – 1100 nm]

tec5 Art. ID 11-0148300-xxx 
Pixel count512, 1024, 2048 or 4096
Data acquisition16 bit, 10 Mpixel / second
Measurement rateup to 15,000 spectra per second in burst mode
Optical InputFSMA fiber connector
Output interfaceUSB3 [SuperSpeed and HiSpeed modes]
Dimensions120 x 115 x 175 [mm]
Weight1.4 kg approx.
Supply100 / 240 V 50 / 60 Hz AC [external supply] or 7 - 28 V wide-range DC
Operating Temperature+ 5°C - + 35°C

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