Produkte Systeme Elektronik Software Embedded Spectroscopy tec5

tecSpec® Pro

The integrated spectrometer module tecSpec Pro contains a high-resolution wide-range spectral sensor engine with superior stray light suppression and electronics designed by tec5 for the specific requirements of diode array spectroscopy, featuring an Ethernet interface and built-in data preprocessing. The unit is ideal for precise and reliable acquisition of spectra, connecting directly to a controller / evaluation computer by an Ethernet connection or for measurements in a network. It contains real-time data preprocessing capabilities, thus reducing the network data traffic and host processor load by on-board averaging, dark correction or linearization.

tec 5 tecSpec Pro Spektrometersystem 190 - 1000 nm

  • Compact, high-performance spectrometer unit for UV-VIS-NIR [190 - 1000 nm]
  • High spectral resolution and ultra-low straylight
  • Ethernet interface with on-board real-time data preprocessing [dark correction, averaging, linearization, ROI selection]
  • Fast and reliable spectral data acquisition with dual-stage spectral data buffer
  • Various synchronous and asynchronous modes of operation
  • Precise external trigger capabilities
  • Flash trigger output
  • Wide range DC supply [4.5 – 36 VDC] and universal AC power adapter included

tecSpec® Pro [190 - 1000 nm]

Wavelength RangesUV-VIS-NIR: 190 - 1000 nm
Pixel count2068 [total]
Data acquisition16 bit, 1000 kpixel / second
Optical inputF-SMA fiber connector
Output interfaceEthernet [100 baseT]
Dimensions120 x 115 x 175 [mm]
WeightApprox. 1.4 kg 
Power Supply100 / 240 V 50 / 60 Hz AC [external supply] or 4.5 – 36 V DC
Operation Temperature+5°C to +35°C

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