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MultiSpec® UV-VIS-NIR Spectrometer Systems

MultiSpec® is a modular spectrometer system based on the flexible 19"- chassis design. This system is capable of fast and simultaneous readout for the UV-VIS-NIR. Various spectral ranges, resolutions and PC-interfaces are available. Complete spectra can be acquired within milliseconds. The integrated spectrometer modules are high performance optical components from Carl Zeiss without moving parts, high reliability and long-term stability. Modern multiplexer technology enables multi-channel sampling on up to 8 measuring points. The standardized SMA-connectors on the front side allow easy connection of fiber-optics and various probes.

  • Robust and fast detector-array technology
  • Complete spectra acquired within milliseconds
  • Possible spectral ranging from 190–2170 nm*
  • Modular concept providing high flexibility
  • Fully process capable communication interfaces to process control systems [PCS] e.g. OPC, Profibus, Analog, Digital
  • Process software – modular with various application specific software modules [e.g. for color measurement and chemometrics]
  • Programming interfaces [SDK] for Windows and LabVIEW
  • Simultaneous operation of up to 8 sample channels*
  • Parallel operation of different spectrometer types [e.g. NIR in combination with UV-VIS]
  • Long-life, high stability light sources [Xe flash, halogen, deuterium]
  • Drift-free operation due to internal referencing
  • Standard SMA interface for the connection of fiber-optics and probes
  • Complete system solution with industrial PC, integrated in a 19" rack [optional]
* depending on type of spectrometer

Wavelength Ranges 
MultiSpec® NIR     960 – 1690 nm, 1340 – 2000 nm or 1100 – 2170 nm*
MultiSpec® UV-VIS190 – 1100 nm, various ranges available*; also in combination with NIR

More technical details about Zeiss spectrometer modules.
Integration timefrom 0.3 ms to 6.5 s*
Resolutionup to 16 bit
Accuracy14 to 15 bit*
Rack mount or desktop version available 
Opto-mechanical interfaceSMA [LS-LD: FC/APC]
PC interfaceEthernet, USB 2.0 or PCIe
Dimensions [HxWxD]133 x 448 x 375 [435 with front handles] [mm]
WeightApprox. 12 – 15 kg
Power Supply110 / 220 V; 50 / 60 Hz
Operation Temperature5 °C – 40 °C [35 °C*]

* depending on type of spectrometer

 An appropriate datasheet is available for more detailed information in the download section.

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