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MultiSpec® Raman Spectrometer Systems

MultiSpec® Raman is part of the modular spectrometer systems-family and contains a laser source and a high-performance,
TE-cooled spectrometer for detection.

Laser Source

A temperature-stabilized semiconductor laser provides 50 – 500 mW of 785 nm [Laser class 3B] excitation light. It is housed in a plug-in cassette with a FC/APC fiber-optic output connector at the front panel of the laser cassette which allows an easy connection to a fiber-coupled Raman probe. Four serial interlocks prevent the accidental activation of the laser. This interlock chain gives customer the possibility to install the Raman spectrometer system according to Laser Class 1.

Spectrometer Module

The Raman system uses a high throughput, high-resolution spectrometer with a sensitive TE-cooled CCD array for detection. In conjunction with state-of-the-art electronics developed by tec5, it allows accurate measurements with unsurpassed dynamic range. The spectrometer input is a standard SMA fiber-optic connector located on the front panel of the MultiSpec Raman spectrometer cassette.

tecRaman Probe

tecRaman Probe for Laboratory

Based on the sample to be analyzed, optimized fiber-optic probes are available. These modular and high efficient probes can be utilized for feasibility studies, monitoring of kinetics and tracking of reactions. A selection of various focal distances from the front window of the probe as well as other accessories allow more versatility with respect to the applications of the customers. Adapted to the measurement requirements, this distance probe has already been used successfully to measure in microreactors, in cuvettes, through tubing and inspection glasses.

tecRaman Probe for Process

tecRaman Probe for Process

For application in industrial processes, an optimized immersion probe is available. This can be adapted to process requirements by a selection of flanges and materials.
The light for excitation and the detected light containing the spectroscopic information is guided to/ from the MultiSpec® Raman chassis by optical fibers, hence, offering highest flexibility for distributed installations.


The MultiSpec® Raman Spectrometer systems perfectly suits process requirements. For laboratory use, tec5 offers specialized accessories: A measurement box, featuring necessary interlock connectors to ensure safe operation mode for the system [According to Laser Class 1]. For liquid samples, a suitable cuvette holder may be added. Solid samples or large vessels can be measured in the measurement box set up-right. Because of this flexibility these accessories represent a perfect add-on to our Raman spectrometer.

White Paper

White Papers are used to describe complex technological concepts in more detail. They can be found under “Downloads”. The following white papers are available:

  • Laser security and installations according to Laser class 1
  • Multichannel configurations for Raman Systems

MultiSpec Raman Spektrometer System tec5

  • Raman analyzer for process applications
  • Installation according to Laser class 1
  • 785 nm excitation wavelength
  • Optical probes for different measurement setups [liquids, solids, measurements through glass]
  • Temperature-stabilized laser source
  • Robust and fast detector-array technology
  • High-sensitive stabilized CCD detector
  • MultiSpec Pro II Raman process software
  • Optional software process interfaces [OPC, Profibus, 4-20 mA Analog, Digital]
  • Optional software modules for chemometrics and data analysisSoftware development kits [SDKs] available

MultiSpec® Raman300 – 3100 cm-1
Integration timefrom 3 ms - 10 min [typ.]
Resolution16 Bit
Rack mount or desktop version available 
Opto-mechanical interfaceSMA [LS-LD: FC/APC]
PC interfaceEthernet, USB 2.0
Dimensions [H x W x D]133 x 449 x 376 [D: 419 with front handles] [mm]
WeightApprox. 11 kg
Power Supply100 – 240 VAC; 50 – 60 Hz
Operation Temperature5 °C – 35 °C

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