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LensColour Analyser TFM-1

The LensColour Analyser TFM-1 replaces the human eye as a visual inspection device for ophthalmic lenses in everyday use. The TFM-1 was specifically designed in cooperation with Rodenstock, Germany, as a fast measurement tool for the use in production and development. The TFM-1 instrument allows the fast and accurate determination of the color values [e.g. L*a*b*], the UV transmissions TUV 380 nm and TUV 400 nm, the light transmission TV as well as additional parameters in accordance with the DIN EN ISO 8980-3 standard of ophthalmic lenses with refractive power of up to ± 20 diopters.

LensColour Analyser TFM-1

tec5 LensColour Analyser TFM Spektrometersystem

  • Fast and reliable color determination
  • Refractive power independent measurements
  • Easy to use
  • Time and cost savings
  • 2-channel system for precise referencing
  • Central database management


Lens Typesplanar, single, bifocal, multifocal
Radii/refr. Power- 20 dpt to + 20 dpt
Thickness0,5 - 15 mm
Diameter30 - 100 mm


Spectral Range280 - 780 nm
Spectral Resolution5 nm
Spectral Accuracy< 0,2 nm
Transmission Resolution0,5 %
Transmission Range5 – 100 %
Transmission Accuracy< ± 0,3 %
Measurement Time1,5 sec
Class of ProtectionIP50

Colour Values

L*a*b*; C*h*
UV transmission TUV 380 [TUV 400] and light transmission TV in accordance with DIN EN ISO 8980-3 [2014-03] and DIN EN ISO 12312 [2014-04]
Traffic light criteria and UV protection for the US according ANSI Z80.3 and for Australia and New Zealand according AS/NZS 1067;
Blue transmittance, Q-values and Filter category
Reproducibility L*a*b*: < ± 0.1


Dimensions [H x W x D]540 nm x 220 mm x 300 mm
Weight15,5 kg
Operating Temperature10 - 40 °C
Storage Temperature0 - 60 °C

Power Supply

Voltage100 - 230 VAC
Frequency47 to 63 Hz
Powermax. 100 W
Fusing2A slow blow


USB Port2.0 [1.1 compatible]

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