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CompactSpec® | AgroSpec®

CompactSpec®/AgroSpec® is a dust-protected and water-proof spectrometer system designed for the harsh conditions of process and field use. A key component are the fast and compact diode-array based spectrometer modules from Carl Zeiss, which are maintenance-free, high-end optical components with no moving parts. The AgroSpec® can be customized with multiple channels or a variety of optical measuring tools. The standardized SMA input allows easy connection with light guides and measurement heads.   

Measurement Heads

tec5 provides various measurement heads with integrated light source, e.g. the NIRON II reflection head. NIRON II is optimized for strongly structured samples such as grain, maize silage and other plant particles, slurries, powder, etc. An internal white standard allows the acquisition of precise and reproducible results. NIRON II can be mounted to a DN 50 flange. Light from a 5W halogen source illuminates the sample through a sapphire window, and the reflected light is detected at 45°. In addition, passive measurement heads with or without diffusor are available e.g. for sunlight measurements or for the measurement of diffuse reflection characteristics of plants.


Application Examples

  • Precision farming [e.g. operation on harvesters]
  • Plant breeding and production
  • Process analaytics [PAT] e.g. in Biogas plants
  • Integration on traversing units [e.g. for film-thickness measurements] 

  • Dust-protected and splash-proof in accordance to IP65 norm​
  • High-end spectrometer modules with no moving parts
  • Multiple channels as an option
  • Wide measurement range of 380 – 2150 nm possible
  • Adaptation to customer specific demands
  • 24 V power supply [12 or 230 V on demand] PC interfaces: USB 2.0 or Ethernet

Wavelength Ranges960 – 1690 nm, 1340 – 2000 nm or 1000 – 2150 nm
380 – 1050 nm, 380 –1690 nm or 380 – 2150 nm
HousingAluminium, IP65
Dimensions230 x 330 x 110 [mm]
Weight~8 kg
CommunicationUSB2.0 or Ethernet
Fiber optic connectionSMA
Operating Temperature5°C – 35°C
Power Supply24 VDC (12 or 230 V optional)


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