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CompactSpec® II and CompactSpec® II EEx

The Next Generation of Process Spectrometer Systems

CompactSpec® II is a fast and robust UV-VIS-NIR spectrometer system in a stainless steel housing [IP54] with an integrated industrial PC and touchscreen TFT-monitor. The system is available for various spectral ranges and resolutions. The built-in spectrometer modules are high-performance optical components with high reliability, long term stability, and no moving parts. Fast, robust multiplexer technology allows for the measurement of up to 8 channels without losing speed and stability. A separate reference channel guarantees drift-free operation. Fiber optics combined with insertion probes and flow-through cells allow measurement directly inside tubes or reaction vessels. By default, CompactSpec II is equipped with a Vortex cooling unit to withstand a high temperature environment.

The pressurized CompactSpec® II EEx p can directly be mounted in the production area with Explosion-proof requirements and avoids the use of long optical fibers. Light losses by attenuation and costs for installation of the optical fibers are minimized. CompactSpec® II EEx p is available in 2 versions: Ex zone 1 and 2 [ATEX certified].

CompactSpec II Ex tec5 Spektrometersystem

  • Perfectly suited for demanding process applications
  • Modern detector array technology without moving parts
  • Available spectral range: 190 – 2150 nm
  • Fast, precise, robust
  • Drift-free operation due to internal referencing
  • Standard fiber-optic connection [SMA]
  • Electrical and optical multiplexer technology
  • Longlife, high stability light sources
  • Available in EEx p explosion-proof versions [ATEX certified]
  • Process communication via OPC, Profibus or analog and digital I/O [optional]
  • Solarization-free [SB] UV light guide technology [optional]
  • MultiSpec® II Pro, a powerful software package, with modules for data analysis such as chemometric prediction [with interfaces to "The Unscrambler", SensoLogic, "GRAMS"] and color measurements.

Wavelength Ranges 
CompactSpec® II UV250 [195 as UV SB] - 390 nm
CompactSpec® II UV-VIS250 [195 as UV SB] - 720 nm or 250 - 785 nm
CompactSpec® II VIS310 – 900 nm or 400 – 1100 nm
CompactSpec® II NIR960 – 1690 nm, 1100 – 2150 nm or 1340 – 2000 nm
Power Supply230 VAC
Dimensions [H x W x D]760 x 600 x 210 [mm]; 1000 x 600 x 220 [mm] [EEx version]
Weight50 kg
Operating Temperature5°C – 50°C
With active Vortex Coolerrequires 6 bar compressed air supply
Environmental ProtectionIP54

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