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Spectrometer Systems

tec5 offers high-quality diode-array spectrometer systems for the UV-VIS-NIR and Raman area to cover a wide range of applications and demands. You receive state-of-the-art products, with short lead times and a competitive cost-to-performance ratio. Based on diode-array technology a very compact and robust setup with high-speed operation is possible. Our  Process Raman and Process UV-VIS-NIR systems are perfectly suited for production control.
We also offer customized solutions in addition to our standard product line.

UV-VIS-NIR Systems

Modular instrument family covering the complete UV-VIS-NIR range and based on 19” chassis technology

MultiSpec Raman Spektrometer System tec5

MultiSpec® Raman System

Raman version of the modular MultiSpec instrument family using a 785 nm excitation source.


Compact integrated spectrometer unit for measurement tasks in research, development and industry.

tecSpec USB3 Integriertes Spektrometersystem mit tecSpeed-Technology und USB3 Kommunikation

tecSpec® USB3

Integrated spectrometer unit with tecSpeed technology and USB3 communication

tec 5 tecSpec Pro Spektrometersystem 190 - 1000 nm

tecSpec® Pro

High performance integrated spectrometer unit with Ethernet interface and onboard data preprocessing.

CompactSpec II Ex tec5 Spektrometersystem

CompactSpec® II
Process Spectrometer

Multichannel process spectrometer system for the UV-VIS-NIR in IP54 stainless steel housing with integrated Multichannel process spectrometer system for the UV-VIS-NIR in IP54 housing [also for Ex Zones].


Compact, dust protected and splash-proof spectrometer system designed for harsh conditions.

tec5 LensColour Analyser TFM Spektrometersystem

Analyzer TFM-1

Dedicated instrument for the UV and color measurement of ophthalmic lenses in the tinting area.