Produkte Systeme Elektronik Software Embedded Spectroscopy tec5

Preamplifiers - Matching the Detector Array

The signals collected by detector arrays are normally very weak and require enhancement. To avoid extraneous noise pickup, the first amplification should be done as close to the array as possible. The preamplifier board not only amplifies the raw signal, but also provides an electronic clock and supply as well as a mechanic mount for the array.

Many different types of detector arrays are used in spectroscopy. tec5 provides a range of preamplifiers that match the array to the electronic interface. The boards are designed for fast data acquisition from high-performance arrays providing best dynamic range properties. The output of the preamplifier becomes the input signal to the front-end electronics.


Supported Detector Arrays

  • DZA-S11639 for Hamamatsu S11639 and S13496 arrays
  • DZA-S3901-4 or DZA-S3901-4 1M for
 Hamamatsu S390x/ S487x Si-NMOS arrays
  • DZA-S7030-4 for Hamamatsu S703x Si-CCD arrays
  • DZA-S7010-1 for Hamamatsu S701x Si-CCD arrays
  • DZA-S11071 for Hamamatsu S11071 Si-CCD arrays
  • DZA-S1115x for Hamamatsu S11155 and S11156 Si-CCD arrays
  • DZA-VVIR-HM for Hamamatsu G9205-9214 [multiplexed] InGaAs arrays