Produkte Systeme Elektronik Software Embedded Spectroscopy tec5


For connection to a desktop PC, the most popular interfaces are Ethernet [LAN], Hi-speed USB and PCIe [PCI express]. For operating electronics, the selected interface board is connected to the suitable front-end electronics.

Operating Electronics for Ethernet [LAN] with PD-ETH01 Interface Board

The Ethernet Operating Electronics consists of an interface board with a frontend board directly mounted on top. The unit is connected to an external DC power supply. The PD-ETH01 is compatible to FEE boards in version FEE-xxx / EMB. 

The optional version PD-ETH01V1 /DP additionally provides real-time data preprocessing functionality.

Operating Electronics with Hi-Speed USB Interface PD-USB01

Hi-speed USB operating electronics, compatible with USB1.1, 2.0 and 3.0: stack of a frontend [FEE] and a USB interface.

 The FEE is mounted directly on top of the USB interface board, resulting in a self-powered USB configuration [DC power supply required]. Compatible with FEE boards in mechanical version FEE-xxx / EMB.

Operating Electronics based on a PCI Express Plug-in Interface Card PD-PCIe01

PCIe desktop Operating Electronics consisting of an external front-end [FEE] and a PC plug-in board. 
The PCIe interface board is installed into a PC [a free PCIe bus slot, minimum x1, is required]. For connection to the external FEE, a shielded 40-pin cable is used. Standard cable lengths are 2 and 5 m, other lengths are available. Compatible to Frontend Electronics in mechanical version FEE-xxx / STD. 

Customer DSP or Microcontroller Interfacing

To use tec5 frontend electronics and preamplifiers with a customer's proprietary processor or DSP board, only a few digital signals have to be handled. The interface description of the Front-End Electronics can be disclosed to interested customers. This allows to use an own processor hard- and software design while taking advantage of the superior analog performance of tec5 PDA preamplifiers and FEE electronics.

Additional interfaces are supported or may be custom designed by tec5. 
Please contact us for details.