Produkte Systeme Elektronik Software Embedded Spectroscopy tec5

A/D conversion: Front-End Electronics

The FEE serves as a coupling unit for a detector array/Spectral Sensor [via a tec5 preamplifier] to PC-interface electronics. The electronics contains the array readout control logic and the ADC that digitizes the sensor’s analog video signal. tec5 FEE circuitry is designed to provide extraordinary dynamic range and signal stability. With quartz-stable clocks for the arrays and on-board power supply filtering, true 15-/16-bit single shot performance is possible.

The Following FEE Versions are Currently Available:

FEE-HS for Si NMOS PDAs and Carl Zeiss MMS Spectral Sensors, readout time 1.4 ms for a 256-pixel PDA, 15-bit A/D conversion
FEE-1M for CCD, NMOS and InGaAs PDAs and Carl Zeiss Spectral Sensors, 16-bit A/D conversion, readout time down to 0.52 ms for a 512-pixel PDA
FEE-xxx/STD with 40-pin interface connector for use with tec5 PCIe Interface Electronics PD-PCIe01V1 

FEE-xxx/EMB with 36-pin board-to-board interface connection for use with tec5 interface electronics PD-USB01V2, PD-ETH01V1 or customer DSP interfacing