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PGS – Plane Grating Spectrometer

PGS Family – The NIR Specialists

The PGS family of modules are precise and robust components for NIR spectroscopy. Industrial performance and high stability are achieved by precision optics and InGaAs detector arrays in a mechanically fixed, compact arrangement. Featuring high sensitivity in a stable setup, these modules are capable of fast, in-line applications.

tec5 offers suitable operating electronics.

The modules are based on a blazed plane grating and a special combination of aspherical collimator- and focussing optics. The optical input is a NIR monofiber with a slit. Most versions contain a cooled and thermally stabilized InGaAs photodiode array for detection. The PGS-NIR 1.7-256 UC contains a room-temperature InGaAs array with very low dark current. This uncooled NIR spectral sensor is perfectly matched to applications with good light intensity and short integration time.
  • Compact, permanently aligned
  • Robust and thermally stable
  • Detector array with 256 or 512 pixels
  • Excellent wavelength accuracy and stability

Wavelength range

PGS-NIR 1.7-256 UC: 960 - 1690 nm
PGS-NIR 1.7-256 and -512: 960 - 1690 nm
PGS-NIR 2.0-256: 1340 - 2000 nm
PGS-NIR 2.2-256: 1000-2150 nm
Pixel count256 or 512 [for PGS-NIR 1.7-512]
Optical resolution [FWHM]PGS-NIR 1.7-256 and -256 UC: 8 nm
PGS-NIR 1.7-512: 5 nm
PGS-NIR 2.0-256: 8 nm
PGS-NIR 2.2-256: 16 nm

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