Produkte Systeme Elektronik Software Embedded Spectroscopy tec5

MMS – Monolithic Miniature Spectrometer

MMS Family – Compact Monolithic

The family of MMS spectral sensors offers high optical throughput, robustness and stability with very good signal dynamics and a compact form factor. They are especially suitable for applications requiring unrivalled signal quality at moderate spectral resolution.

tec5 offers suitable operating electronics.

The design of these modules is based on an imaging grating, fiber cross-section converter as optical input and a photo diode array for detection. These are arranged around a central body of different type, depending on the module version, and attached to it.
  • Compact, robust, permanently aligned
  • High optical throughput
  • NMOS photodiode array [256 pixels] with high signal dynamics
  • Optical input: 600 µm diameter fiber bundle, FSMA connector

Wavelength rangeMMS1: 310 – 1100 nm
MMS UV: 195 – 390 nm
MMS UV-VIS: 190 – 720 nm or 250 – 780 nm
Pixel count256 [total]
Optical resolution [Rayleigh criterion]MMS1: 10 nm
MMS UV: 3 nm
MMS UV-VIS: 7 nm

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