Produkte Systeme Elektronik Software Embedded Spectroscopy tec5

MCS – Multi Channel Spectrometer

Spectrometer Module MCS
– High Resolution and Stability, Low Straylight

The MCS series offers spectrometers featuring high reproducibility and good spectral resolution for precise results in the lab and during process monitoring in rough environment. To achieve a robust design, all optical components are permanently attached to a stable central body.

tec5 offers suitable operating electronics.

The modules are based on an aberration-corrected imaging grating with an optical input with either a fiber cross-section converter or slit and an NMOS photodiode array for detection.

  • Robust, permanently aligned
  • Low straylight
  • Low temperature drift
  • NMOS photodiode array for highest signal dynamics
Optical input: fiber cross-section converter with FSMA connector or slit

Wavelength range190 – 1015 nm
Pixel count1024 [total]
Optical resolution [Raleigh criterion]3 – 4 nm


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