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MCS CCD – Multi Channel Spectrometer

Spectrometer Module MCS FLEX CCD
– High Sensitivity and Resolution

The MCS series offers spectrometers featuring high reproducibility, excellent thermal stability and good spectral resolution. To achieve a robust design, all optical components are permanently attached to a stable central body.
Containing a UV-sensitive, scientific-grade CCD array with Peltier cooling, the MCS-CCD module achieves superior sensitivity and stability in the UV-VIS spectral range.

tec5 offers suitable operating electronics for using this spectrometer unit in scientific and industrial environment.

The modules are based on an aberration-corrected imaging grating, with an optical entrance of either a fiber cross-section converter or a slit and a thermo-electrically cooled CCD array for detection.
  • Robust, permanently aligned
  • Low straylight
  • Cooled CCD array for high sensitivity
Optical input: fiber cross-section converter with FSMA connector or slit

Wavelength range190 - 980 nm
Pixel count1044 [total]
Optical resolution [Raleigh criterion]3 - 4 nm

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