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OEM Spectrometer Modules from Carl Zeiss

MMS, CGS, MCS FLEX and PGS Spectral Sensors

Key characteristics of the Carl Zeiss spectrometer modules are precise design, high-grade components, permanent alignment and robust housing. In general, diode-array technology does not require moving parts, which allows for fast measurements. Advanced cementing techniques and thermally matched components make these spectrometers perfect for industrial applications including process control or tough ambient conditions. Coupling light to the sensor by fiber optics allows for high versatility in mechanical setup and in optical arrangements with respect to the sample. Using spectral sensors inline results in the fastest response, allowing immediate process optimization and thus reducing waste in in production. The industry-proven spectral sensors range from 185 - 2200 nm. Options include a slit input and UV-improved versions with solarization-stabilized fibers.

For their operation, we provide a range of electronics, subunits, spectrometer systems and software; all designed and manufactured in-house.


MMS – Monolithic
Miniature Spectrometer

​MMS Family – Compact Monolithic

CGS – Compact Grating

Spectrometer Module CGS – Compact, High Sensitivity and Resolution

MCS – Multi Channel

​Spectrometer Module MCS – High Resolution and Stability, Low Straylight

MCS CCD – Multi Channel Spectrometer

Spectrometer Module MCS FLEX CCD – High Sensitivity and Resolution

PGS – Plane Grating

PGS Family – The NIR Specialists

Photonics Measuring Systems

All measurement systems based on light use a broadband or laser light source and one or more photosensors [optical detectors]. Raman spectroscopy is based on the Raman effect which results in a material-specific wavelength shift of laser radiation upon interaction with the material. Using a spectrometer for detection provides wavelength-specific information, which is used to measure the characteristics of the material or the surface.
Sensing by photonics is fast and contactless – many industries in numerous applications take advantage of the benefits of photonics technology. Today’s advanced optics and sensors technologies, paired with fast computers and microcontrollers, enable accurate and reliable measurement systems in many industrial fields.

Our photonics services
The company tec5 cooperates with spectroscopy users and other technology providers in long-term partnerships. A range of standard products, which can be customized to the specifics of the partner’s application requirements, is the technology basis for efficient measurement solutions in industry. Many of the products are spectrometer-based, requiring profound knowledge of operation of spectral sensors and of the associated electronics and software. tec5 uses in-house designed hardware and software modules, which is the ideal basis for fast implementation of photonic measurement systems for their customization. The product range is complemented by services of technology consulting, prototyping, logistic services and maintenance contracts.