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Process Software — MultiSpec® Pro II

MultiSpec® Pro II is the successor of the process-proven spectrometer software MultiSpec® Pro. Customers require software for data acquisition, analysis and process communication. Incorporating current program environments and visualization schemes, MultiSpec® Pro II succeeds as reliable, modular software package for laboratory and PAT applications. The improved visualization and step by step parameterization simplifies the operation. All current tec5 operating electronics and spectrometer systems are supported to produce spectral process sensors.

Five packages are available:

MultiSpec® Pro II Basic

MultiSpec®  Pro II Basic has limited functionality and expandability and is offered for applications requiring data acquisition, display and export of spectra only.

MultiSpec® Pro II Standard  

MultiSpec® Pro II Standard offers the complete functionality of data acquisition, graphical display and data storage/ out-put. This version can be extended by additional modules, to perform chemometric predictions [compatible to CAMO The Unscrambler, Sensologic, GRAMS, PEAXACT], color determination or find peaks.

MultiSpec® Pro II Agro

For customers working in agricultural environments, a specialized version is offered. This fulfils the requirements for easy use in field applications. Additional modules such as data logging of GPS positions and online prediction of chemometric models can be added optionally.

MultiSpec® Pro II Process 

MultiSpec® Pro II Process offers the complete of the Standard package with process-proven features, including user management and access control, lamp intensity monitoring and status signals are included in this package. The maintenance mode allows servicing and validation measurements on the instrument while the in- and outputs of the process communication are frozen. This version can be extended by additional modules, for data analysis modules [e.g. chemometrics] and process communications interfaces.

MultiSpec® Pro II Raman

MultiSpec® Pro II Raman enables the acquisition of Raman spectra in combination with tec5 Raman systems. Based on the Process package, the functionality is extended in order to acquire spectral data in wavenumbers. In addition to the communication with the Laser cassette on laser central wavelength and life time, the complete control of the system in terms of laser class I installations is realized. This includes the communication of the Laser cassette’s status and, if required, the external control of Laser cassette.

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