Produkte Systeme Elektronik Software Embedded Spectroscopy tec5

Application Software

tec5 software products are offered for current Windows platforms.
The support of other operating systems is possible on request.



The AdminTool is a test program for tec5 spectrometer electronics and spectrometer systems. It allows the acquisition and display of pixel related data as well as the setting of the sensor parameters [calibration coefficients, number of pixels, sensor type] and their storage to the hardware. The acquired data can be exported as an ASCII file for further processing.


FTM-ProVis is an easy-to-use software package designed to determine the thickness of thin transparent layers. FTM-ProVis uses an improved FFT algorithm to calculate the film-thickness from the interference spectra with high precision. For developing your own film thickness application we provide the powerful and very easy-to-use FTM-ProLib++ programming library as DLL using standard-C calls.

Third-Party Software

SCOUT and CODE Software Packages
The thin film analysis and design software packages SCOUT and CODE from W. Theiss Hard- and Software are compatible with tec5 spectrometer systems.

Spectroscopy software for optical spectra. Convert, visualize and processs multiple UV-VIS-NIR, Raman, FTIR, IR, and fluorescence spectra from many different file formats. Totally free for non-commercial use.

Download tec5 software tools and drivers here.