Produkte Systeme Elektronik Software Embedded Spectroscopy tec5

PC based Spectroscopy

tec5 is one of the leading providers of components and systems for industrial optical UV-VIS-NIR and Raman spectroscopy. Ranging from spectrometer electronics to integrated subsystems to complete spectrometer systems, our products focus on high speed, large dynamic range and long-term stability.
The PC-based spectrometer systems and electronics are available as modular building blocks to provide flexible solutions to different measurement problems: A number of detectors for UV-VIS and NIR wavelength ranges are available. The multichannel operation enables a long-term stable operation of the measurement system or a cost reduction per measurement point. Software development kits facilitate the development of software development of customers incorporating tec5 hardware. Process measurement tasks can be realized rapidly and efficiently with the process proven MultiSpec Pro II software.