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OEM Subassemblies

tec5 grows it’s product range for spectroscopy again, by adding further OEM components, modules and subassemblies. These additions enable our customers to develop, innovate and improve their products faster reducing the burden on their own resources and shortening “time to market” significantly. Our customers therefore minimize their risk in development whilst saving time and money.
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Our current portfolio contains

  • Use of laser light in hazardous areas of zones 2, 1 and 0 by EC Type-Approval. Operation of the EC-Type-approved laser modules without further risk assessment
  • compact lamp modules with fiber-optic interface and filter holder, incl. lamp control with all process relevant security functions, such as shutter and lamp monitoring as well as temperature control
  • spectrometer electronics with a high dynamic range, fast read-out and various interfaces such as Ethernet, USB and PCIe
  • active and passive measurement heads with redundancy and internal referencing for multiple applications in process
  • compact electronic subassemblies for power supply of detectors and related electronics, optimized in respect of the form factor of the boards
  • combinations of detector arrays, electronics, and mechanics, incl. detector cooling as an option

tec5’s knowledge of the “24/7” process industry and over 20 years’ of experience in manufacturing complex opto-electronic products, for small and medium production quantities, guarantees a cost effective solution of the highest quality.
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