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tecSaaS® – Embedded Platform

Spectrometer Becomes a Smart Sensor

tecSaaS [tec5 Spectrometer as a Sensor] is a modular embedded platform for OEMs, which is the perfect basis for a fast and cost efficient realization of robust, stand-alone sensors for operation in production, machinery and on-site. The data of UV-VIS-NIR spectral sensors is processed directly in real-time by the system and only process relevant results are sent to the process interface. No separate [Windows] PC is needed for normal operation; all the well-known disadvantages such as IT insecurity, instability, downtime, as well as maintenance and update costs are not an issue any more. The modular architecture allows a fast time-to-market of OEM projects from the idea up to a stand-alone serial system without PC, starting even at smaller quantities.


  • A large pool of powerful hardware and software modules is available
  • An integrated formula parser can be used to select calculations
  • Optional chemometric evaluations, FFT or other add-on modules
  • A wide choice of sensor technologies is supported, such as UV–VIS–NIR and Raman spectral sensors and photometers
  • Process integration can be realized using e.g. Modbus/TCP, CAN, ISOBUS and other process interfaces
  • High performance is reached by a lean real-time operating system [RTOS] combined with optimized firmware for fast data processing and dedicated timing
  • By parameterization of software instead of programming a fast and efficient project realization is possible, using the MPT PC software.
  • Android App for monitoring

“Designed for Real Time Embedded Spectroscopy”
tecSaaS - Embedded Platform tec5