Produkte Systeme Elektronik Software Embedded Spectroscopy tec5

tecSaaS® CB Core Electronics

Hardware for Embedded Systems

In spectroscopy systems based on the tecSaaS® platform, tec5 uses a proprietary, dedicated controller electronics type tecSaaS® CB. It was designed in-house by tec5 for the specific requirements of diode array spectroscopy with embedded spectral data processing and evaluation functionality.
Taking advantage of powerful, up-to-date FPGA and micro controller technologies combined with a real-time operating system, a high processing speed and measurement rate can be achieved. The measurement results are passed to the central computer or process control system by ModBus /TCP or other optional process interface standards.
Offering a wide range of interfaces for spectral sensors, light sources and other periphery, the tecSaaS® CB electronics is the core for modular embedded spectrometer systems based on the tecSaaS® platform. Combined with the suitable firmware provided by tec5, e.g. industrial or mobile spectrometer systeme can be implemented efficiently for a multitude of different applications.

Further information about the embedded technology.


  • Support of spectrometer modules with CCD, NMOS, CMOS and InGaAs array technologies and single element photodiodes
  • FPGA real time data preprocessing [averaging, linearization, removal of invalid spectra]
  • Powerful ARM Cortex M4 controller
  • Lean real-time operating system
  • Various digital I/Os and peripheral control ports [e.g. RS-485, cooling controller Peltier-tc, light source control, etc.]
  • Ethernet connection for MPT [monitoring and parameterization tool software]
  • Connection for wide-range DC supply [PSU-ONB]
  • USB memory interface
tecSaaS CB Core Elektronik tec5 Embedded Spektroskopie