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Embedded Systems

The tec5 embedded type of spectrometer or photometer systems based on the new tecSaaS® platform calculate measurement results on the electronics for direct use by a process control system. They combine robust optical UV-VIS-NIR engines, real-time electronics and embedded software to produce a ready-to-use sensor unit that can perform process control or quality inspection tasks without a separate PC. While operation is fully autonomous in standard mode, it allows a temporarily connection to a PC via Ethernet for parameter setting and monitoring. This concept is ideal for use in industrial environment requiring distributed high- available sensors with decentralized data processing and high IT security.
The tecSaaS® platform offers various possibilities for data evaluation [ e.g. chemometrics] and supports several process interfaces [ e.g. CAN, Profinet, EtherCat and more]
tecSaaS based embedded systems are offered as custom-tailored system solutions meeting the customers’ requirements.
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