Compact NIR Spectroscopy tec5

CNIRS – Compact NIR Spectroscopy

Micro-mechanical Fabry-Perot spectral sensors for the NIR range pave the way to implement industrial spectrometer systems in new dimensions in terms of size and cost efficiency. Taking advantage of the tecSaaS® firmware technology and suitable, minaturized components like electronics and light sources, compact embedded instruments can be tailored to the environmental conditions and communication interfaces of the measurement task.
For development and startup of the application, the relevant tools of tecSaaS® embedded technology can be used, especially the Monitoring and Parametrization Tool MPT combined with the tecSaaS® firmware, to arrive at a fast project realization without extensive software engineering.
Data evaluation can be done using all relevant functions of the tecSaaS® platform like formula parser, chemometrics or proprietary customer algorithms.
compact NIR spectroscopy