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Embedded Spectroscopy

In the development process of our new embedded platform tecSaaS [tec5 Spectrometer as a Sensor] we had one goal in mind: To realize intelligent, highly available and autonomous spectrometer systems, which can be integrated directly into machines or production plants.
Thanks to the complete integration of the processing and readout functions into the tecSaaS spectrometer device, measurement results can be transferred directly to the processing unit - without any detours. A separate [Win] PC is not needed anymore. The tecSaaS technology platform consists of a predefined electronic architecture [tecSaaS CB], as well as comprehensive firmware and embedded software. Parametrization and monitoring is done temporarily by using the software tool MPT via Ethernet.
This extends the tec5 product portfolio with various embedded systems, which can be customized to project-specific requirements. tecSaaS is also used as generic platform for the realization of specific OEM projects. tecSaaS is compatible to all detectors, spectral sensors, light sources and optical accessories, which are offered within the traditional PC-based system series of tec5. In addition, the number of optional process interfaces has been expanded. This complete available embedded infrastructure ensures the fast realization even of small instrument series.
Systems based on our new tecSaaS platform can be a big step towards the goal of smart, networked process sensors. This matches today’s most frequently demanded requirements of our customers and of the Industry 4.0 initiative.