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tec5 Raman OEM Systems

Customer-specific requirements for OEM measurement systems can now also be offered based on tecRaman technology. In addition to many years of experience in the use of spectrometer systems for industrial measurement applications, tec5's competence and expertise will in future also be available to OEM customers and system integrators looking for individual solutions for Raman measurements in industrial environments. A broad product portfolio of processproven, Raman systems and system components is available: Spectral sensors with customized wavelength ranges and lasers with process-suitable interlock systems - also available as certified laser modules for explosion-proof areas on request - underline the high modularity of the components in order to provide a suitable solution for a wide range of applications and measurement tasks. 
In addition, we offer housings for lasers, spectrometers or complete Raman systems in a wide range of protection classes, for which design requirements ranging from coloring to a company logo can also be realized.
For better integration of the systems into your IT structure, adaptations of the proven MultiSpec® Pro II process software can be implemented on request. The standard interfaces are already integrated for seamless process communication with an existing process control system. 
In addition, various Raman probe concepts are available, which can be tailored to your measurement requirements. For example, liquid measurements in pipes and reactors as well as measurements on solid products via conveyor belts, optionally with mechanical positioning, can be implemented. 
From pre-evaluation in the laboratory to use on a pilot scale to worldwide “roll-out” at your production sites, tec5 is the right partner for an individual OEM solution.
tecRaman probe process laboratory