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Raman and Positioning Systems

Based on the tecRaman® probe technology in combination with a three-axis positioning a customized unit was specially developed for solids measurements where maximum accuracy and reproducibility are important. The adaption of a camera ensures precise positioning of the measurement spot on the surface. The combination with a positioning unit allow measurements with higher precision and easier alignment. The unit was integrated in customers machinery. 
As a probe solution for the three-axis positioning unit, the tecRaman® remote Raman probe is available, which is characterized by high flexibility of the optical components. The probe can be configured with a focal length between 25 and 150 mm to ensure an optimal measuring geometry for your application. Possible applications are the parallel measurements of several products on a conveyor belt or the precise control of measuring points by a camera system with prior definition of the points. This considerably increases the comparability of the measurements, especially for samples with different height profiles.
Thanks to our many years of experience as an OEM supplier, with tec5 you have a strong partner at your side.
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