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HandySpec® WCM – Whisky Colour Meter  

The hand-held Explosion-proof photometer HandySpec® WCM was developed by tec5 AG in cooperation with Hellma GmbH & Co KG and the DIAGEO Global Supply Brand TechnicalCentre, Glenochil to check the color of Whisky. This instrument is also suitable for color measurements of other spirits, wines, fruit juices and other liquids.
  • Fast and reliable measurement
  • Moves analysis out of the laboratory
  • Short measurement time [approx. 2 s]
  • Ex-proof design
  • Stores up to 200 data sets
  • Splash water proof [IP 53]
  • Compact and robust
  • Battery powered, >8 hours operating time

WCM Version

Temperature Range Operating -20°C to +40°C
Probe length400 mm, other available
Optical Path Length10mm [2*5mm], other available
Light SourceLEDs or LDs
Extinction RangeDepends on the optical path length
RepeatabilityApprox. 0.001 Extinction units
Long Term StabilityApprox. 0.002 Extinction units per hour [without new referencing]
Power SupplyChangeable battery module [battery module can be changed in Ex Area], rechargeable
Ex protectionII 1/2G [Ex op is] Ex ib IIB T4