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HandySpec® Systems

The spectral characteristics of plants and soil are of high interest to farmers since it gives information about various parameters like chlorophyll content, biomass, water activity and the composition of soil. With the portable HandySpec Field®, tec5 offers a compact and versatile field spectrometer mainly for scientific purpose in agriculture, precision farming and remote sensing. 

System Features

The system is based upon the same accepted and appreciated technology as the tractor-based N-Sensor system of Yara. The battery-driven spectrometer system is specifically designed for the measurement of diffuse reflection/emission characteristics of plants and soil using sunlight as a natural light source. The system is available for different spectral ranges, covering a maximum range of 360 - 900 nm or 400 - 1100 nm. The HandySpec Field® systems have been used by several well-known scientific institutes for several years and show superior performance within these demanding environments. As the intensity and spectral emission of the sunlight [solar radiance] continuously varies, the system is designed as a 2-channel device with the reference channel compensating for these variations [simultaneously -VIS system or sequential - NIR system].

Customer Statement

"Compared to conventional spectroradiometers, the instrument shows its advantages especially at changing cloud coverage conditions."
 [M. Gnyp, Institute of Geography, GIS & RS, University of Cologne]
HandySpec Field Schultergetragen tec5 Spektrometersystem
  • Fully automated internal compensation of sunlight variation
  • Short integration times for fast measurements
  • High signal-to-noise ratio of spectrometer module and wide dynamic range [no averaging of spectra necessary]
  • Outstanding wavelength accuracy and long-term stability [no re-calibration is required]
  • No warm-up time of the device
  • Robust, portable instrument design
  • Long battery runtime
  • Online dark-current correction
  • Specially adapted user-friendly software

Shoulder Carried Version

Wavelength Ranges360 – 900 nm or 400 – 1100 nm
Dimensions of Main Unit160 x 360 x 100 [mm]
Weightapprox. 4 kg
BatteryNi/MH] 12V/4Ah, runtime approx. 6-8 h
Operation Temperature+5°C  -  +40°C
Protection ClassIP65 [protection against dust and splash water]