Reference Standards

Reference standards are necessary for the absolute calibration and the cyclical check of the measuring system. Depending on the intended use of a spectrometer system, different calibration standards may be used:

Reflection Standard

To measure a reference signal for reflection measurements with the tec5 spectrometer system various reflection standards are available:
  • White standards for diffuse reflection, with and without certificate
  • Grey standards for diffuse reflection, with and without certificate
  • Aluminum mirror with calibration coefficients

Hellma Analytics Calibration Standards

We also offer UV-VIS calibration standards from the accredited Hellma Analytics calibration laboratory. The use of Hellma Analytics calibration standards ensures dependable tests of the spectral resolution, wavelength accuracy, stray light and photometric accuracy.
In addition to the described standards, the requirements can be found in the Pharmacopeia Europea and the United States Pharmacopeia. The methodology for testing spectrometer systems for UV-VIS-NIR and Raman can be found in Volume 03.06 at the ASTM organization.

If you require support for the validation of diode array spectrometers please contact us.