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Optics for Light Guides

Because of the large variety of customer requirements, different optics are required for
  • Collimating or focusing setups
  • Wavelength range
  • Beam diameters
  • Process environments [e.g. temperature, vacuum]
We design special optics to meet our customer`s needs when there is no commercial product available.

Product Example 1

High quality optics for the UV-VIS-NIR [Carl Zeiss]:
  • Wavelength range: 210 - 1100 nm [Quartz], 340 - 2000 nm [BK7]
  • Beam: d = 7 mm [Quartz], d = 14 mm [BK7]

Product Example 2

Custom-designed collimating optics with SMA connector for color measurements in process
cutout of cut_out_asset_599.jpg

Product Example 3

High quality collimating optics [Hellma]:

Diverging light beams from fiber-optic cables are collimated with the first optic. A second collimator focuses the light so that it can be coupled into another fiber-optic cable leading to the spectrometer.
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