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Measurement Heads

NIRON II – The First Pro-Active NIR Contact Measurement Head
High Reliability and Long Maintenance Cycles Achieved by Redundant Light Source

Typical applications are:
  • Moisture measurements
  • Concentration measurements
  • Color measurements
  • Process and quality control

The NIRON II head is connected to the measurement system via optical fibers. tec5
offers the IP65-protected CompactSpec® spectrometer system as a perfect match to the NIRON II.

Lamp failures are not predictable. Consequently, tec5 has created the NIRON II, a dual-lamp measuring head with a long lifetime of 10,000 hours to guarantee system reliability. The measurement head is ideally suited for contact measurements of granules, powders, silage and turbid fluids with a maximum measurement distance of approx. 15 mm. New innovative electronics continuously monitors the operation of the lamp and reacts pro-actively to a lamp failure with the automatic start of the spare lamp. An error code is logged in the status information, and the measurement can continue until it is convenient to replace of the defective. Other status information includes the status of both lamps, the operating hours  of the lamp and measurement head, number of reference movements and head temperature. A DN50 flange connects the head to a measuring post. The measurement head features a rugged and compact design and IP65-level protection against dust and splash water. Only stainless steel and sapphire is in contact with the sample. 
tec5 offers the IP65 protected CompactSpec® spectrometer system as a perfect match to the NIRON II head.
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RTP Reflection and Transmission Measuring Head

The new RTP measuring head is designed for reflection and transmission measurements of coated glass. The RTP head is connected to the MultiSpec® system by fiber optics. A measurement time of about 20 ms per spectra allows high throughput. The system is offered for the spectral range of 360 – 1000 nm, which can be extended up to 1700 nm.
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PSS Conveyor-Belt Sensor Head

The Distance Reflection PSS Head is designed for measurements over large distances for samples on conveyor belts or web applications.

This product offers the following features:
  • Distances vary from 150 to 600 mm
  • Fully automated system calibration
  • Adjustable measurement spot size
  • Integrated 20 W tungsten-halogen light source for sample illumination 
  • SMA 905 fiber-optic connection 
  • Stainless steel housing, industrial protection class IP64 

The PSS head is connected to the spectrometer system via optical fibers.
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