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Light Guides for Industrial Applications

Optical fibers bridge distances between the measurement system and the measurement point and allow a flexible guidance of light. There is almost no limit to the flexibility! We offer a wide range of products based on light guides.

 Product examples:
  • Quartz monofibers and fiber bundles for UV/VIS and NIR
  • Solarization-resistant UV fibers
  • Multi-channel beam-splitter fiber bundles

Product Example 1

Custom-designed 8-channel beam-splitter fiber bundle for the illumination
of 8 measurement channels by a single light source.
cutout of cut_out_asset_594.jpg

Product Example 2

Vacuum fibers including flange for the integration into vacuum coating machines.


  • Fused silica fibers
  • NA = 0.22
  • Low OH for NIR wavelengths
  • High OH for UV wavelengths [Solarisation resistant on request]
  • Monofiber or bundle
  • Diameter: 600 µm standard [or tailored to specific application]
  • Mechanical interface: SMA connector
  • Robust industrial protection jacket [Others on request]

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further technical details on these products.