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Fiber-optic Probes

The development of fiber-optic systems has caused a small revolution in chemical analysis. The fiber-optic probe technology makes it possible to carry out photometric measurements not only in cuvettes under laboratory conditions, but also directly in process environments. Continuous measurements can be made in situ without sampling. This allows for better control of ongoing processes with much less effort.

Product Examples

  • tec5 "fruit probe" with 4 illumination fibers and 1 receiving fiber
  • Reflection probe for film-thickness measurements
  • Reflection probe for powders, granulates and other samples
The tec5 fruit probe for the non-destructive quality measurement on fruits is used at many research facilities.
Fiber-optic reflection probe for film-thickness measurements

Product Examples from Hellma

Hellma’s wide selection of fiber-optic probes covers a broad spectrum of applications. Whether in the laboratory or in an industrial environment, Hellma probes provide repeatable, quantitative measurements. 
  • Transmission Probes with fixed path lengths
  • Transflexion Probes with removable tips for variable path lengths
  • ATR-Probes [Attenuated Total Reflection] for strongly absorbing solutions
  • Reflection probes for powder or strongly scattering samples
  • High temperature probes for process control in difficult environment
  • High pressure flow-through cell
  • Probes for use with retractable housings

Hellma probes can be used for in-line measurements and are available in various dimensions, different materials and with or without flange. All probe types can be easily adapted to the spectrometer systems of tec5.

For more technical details on these products, please visit the Hellma website.
Other types of fiber-optic probes and flow-through cells on request.
 Please contact us if you are unsure which probe is right for your application.