Mobile Spectroscopy

Agricultural industry has to optimize volume and quality and to look for a resource- friendly use of agricultural operating materials. Sensors to measure and methods of determining ingredients and crop quality have become indispensable. In the past years, we made spectroscopy mobile. Optical measurement equipment is increasingly used directly on the agricultural machine, where it can record plant parameters  to control operations such as  an optimized fertilizer application rate. The harsh environment requires  of the mobile measurement equipment to be efficient and reliable as well as robust and durable to a variety of environmental conditions such as heat, cold, moisture, vibrations or shocks. Thanks to the embedded-platform tecSaaS® there is no need for an additional operating PC. The data is acquired and processed directly in the device. Processed data is then communicated over a process interface such as CANbus, Modbus, and TCP/IP.

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Mobile Spectroscopy tec5 Embedded Systems