Industrial Spectroscopy

tec5 UV-VIS-NIR und Raman spectrometer solutions combine high-speed measurements, low maintenance requirements, and a high availability. These units can communicate with your industrial process control network via interfaces like OPC, CAN Bus or EtherCAT.
As optical and electronical key components tec5 operating electronics and monolithic spectrometer modules from Carl Zeiss are used which have been specifically designed for process applications.
We work closely with our customers to tailor a solution to their requirements according system design, material, IP- & Ex-protection by choosing from different system concepts.
The portfolio includes long-life light source modules, fibre optics as well as robust measurement heads and probes.
After an evaluation, the best subassemblies are selected and combined to a complete system setup.
tec5 has developed an embedded control system, the tecSaaS platform, the next step to enhance stability and security. It integrates the acquiring and processing functions into the spectrometer device electronics. In contrast to commonly used systems, no additional PC with spectroscopy software and spectral data transfer through a standard interface is required for operation.
Be prepared for future requirements defined as “industry 4.0” smart automation.
Industrielle Spektroskopie tec5 Spektrometersystem