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Increasing production rates and a growing share of customized production on demand bestows the industry with continuously decreasing lot sizes resulting in the need for fast in-line quality measurements and a rising frequency in set-up procedures.
Industrial processes, such as coating, extend the requirements upon the monitoring technologies for an exact endpoint determination in the millisecond range. The same applies to manufacturing methods using short-pulse lasers, such as used in the production of miniaturized mobile devices.
The monitoring of rapid reactions in small volumes [microreactors] must often happen in time series with short and well-defined intervals. This is oftentimes referred to kinetic measurements. It also includes tasks such as Stop Flow Monitoring. The smaller the volume of the substances mixed, the higher the reaction rate, which in turn requires faster measurements.
With their superior velocity, tec5's ​​High Speed ​​Diode Array Sensing Platform tecSpeed provides industry and research with new, so far unparalleled measurement possibilities.

Advantages of tec5 High Speed technology

  • Powered by its 10 Megapixel per second 16 bit A/D conversion, tec5 High Speed hardware is able to measure spectra faster and with more flexibility for customization
  • A combination of fast acquisition and minimized integration time with high sensitivity photodiode arrays makes more averaging possible which, in turn, leads to more accurate results
  • Real time data processing can be used to customize control procedures or to perform extensive averaging and smoothing to improve measurement accuracy
  • An ideal platform for tailoring the properties and acquisition modes of spectral sensors to the requirements of OEM applications
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