Threat of EU Fines – Still too much Nitrate in Groundwater

It is uncertain whether stricter fertilizer rules for Germany's farmers will be able to avert the threat of EU fines. However, there is no doubt about the possibility of using "Mobile Spectroscopy" for optimum and resource-saving fertilization ++ While the farm machine is moving, the smart NIR sensor measures the nitrogen needs of the field to be fertilized and immediately calculates the optimum quantity of fertilizer to be spread per m². In addition to the economical background, the benefits are also of an ecological nature - to helphelping to fight nitrate in the ground. tec5 technology is also used to reduce the nitrate output through the precise characterization of liquid manure before the application. smart sensors help to solve the challenges of modern agriculture ++ Do you need further details? Please check out further advantages. or do not hesitate to contact us