Still too much nitrate in groundwater

The EU Commission is exerting pressure, still too much nitrate in German groundwater - tec5 Mobile Spectroscopy offers solutions
The EU Commission had sued Germany for excessive nitrate levels and last year won the case at the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg. Although the German government had already enforced the fertilizer rules for farmers, this is not enough for Brussels. Germany must make improvements. tec5 Mobile Spectroscopy - the answer for optimized fertilizing. While the farm machine is moving, the stand-alone NIR sensor measures the nitrogen needs of the field to be fertilized and immediately calculates the optimum quantity of fertilizer to be spread per m².  In addition to the economical background, the benefits are also of an ecological nature and that helps to fight nitrate in the ground. Another sensor from tec5 reduces the nitrate output through the precise characterization of liquid manure before the application. Smart sensors help to solve the challenges of modern agriculture. Interested? Please check out further advantages.