Raman Spectroscopy used in Microreactors

Raman spectroscopy is ideally suited as a non-contact method for the analysis of chemical compounds in mixtures. Even in the extreme conditions of highly reactive and highly corrosive chemical reactions, liquids can be non-destructively measured within seconds and can be analysed without complex preparation. Similar to the uniqueness of a fingerprint, each spectrum is characteristic to the composition of the individual spectra of each involved material. 
The combination of state-of-the-art microreactor technology and Raman spectroscopy provides significant advantages for chemical industry with respect to the development of a desired product and the underlying production process.
As a result of the raising customer requests regarding online analytics in flow tec5 and Ehrfeld started a collaboration. Therefore, Ehrfeld redesigned their optical flow through cell which can be connected to NIR and UV-VIS spectrometer and now additionally to a RAMAN spectrometer. The redesigned optical flow through cell can still be used in Ehrfelds well-known modular micro reaction system [MMRS].