Combining PAT Competencies - Introduction of new compact smart NIR Sensor

In a joint development, we have combined the latest intelligent MEMS-based NIR sensor technology CNIRS by tec5 with the process analysis expertise of the Hellma Solutions division. The result is an immersion probe with integrated NIR spectrometer [up to 2450 nm], miniaturized and redundant halogen lamp and embedded computing power. This makes it a fully autonomous, intelligent and easy-to-use sensor. Our prototype demonstrates the potential of merging the spectroscopic and electronic intelligence of the embedded platform technology tecSaaS® with the world's largest range of optical immersion probes, flow cells and other measuring cells from Hellma for direct integration into reactors, vessels and product streams. The result shows that tec5 and Hellma Solutions are jointly able to develop a basic technology that is likely to be of special interest to OEM customers. CNIRS opens up new dimensions in cost and size for NIR spectrometers and is the perfect starting point for economically valued stand-alone sensors for on-site operation, production or machine integration.
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