A New Embedded NIR Sensor Platform for Process Automation

Interview with Mr. Steffen Piecha, Head of Sales & Marketing at tec5

Q: Hello Mr. Piecha. Thanks for introducing the new NIR sensor platform to us. Until now, the use of NIR technology in process environment has only been reserved for users with a certain budget. Has this new innovative MEMS technology made NIR spectroscopy accessible to a wider user group?  What additional advantages does this new embedded platform technology offer?
Steffen Piecha: Hello. The embedded NIR sensor platform CNIRS "Compact NIR Spectroscopy" is a joint development with our Finnish sister company Spectral Engines and combines the benefits of the Nirone™Sensor with those of our tecSaaS® embedded technology. This new design is based on tec5's many years of experience with industrial electronics solutions and is now also available for more cost-effective MEMS sensors. Since the entire intelligence is integrated directly on the sensor, there is no need for an external PC or PC software for operation.
Q: What exactly are MEMS?
Steffen Piecha: MEMS, also known as "Micro Electro Mechanical System", are tiny components that combine logic elements and micromechanical structures in a single chip. Their advantages include robustness, long-term stability, small size, lower manufacturing costs and low energy consumption.
Q: To which users is the CNIRS platform particularly aimed?
Steffen Piecha: This joint development paves the way for smart, miniaturized and cost-effective sensor solutions for process automation. Our focus here is particularly on OEMs, like machine and instrument manufacturers as well as system integrators for applications in e.g. smart farming or food processing. CNIRS is the perfect starting point for the fast implementation of customized, robust, stand-alone sensors for use in production, machines, on site and on the field. On a larger scale, this new cooperation extends the use of NIRONE™ sensors to even more industrial applications, as the sensors can now be easily connected to process control and monitoring systems via interfaces such as Modbus TCP, EtherCAT, OPC UA, PROFINET, PROFIBUS DP, CAN Bus, etc.

Q: Many thanks Mr. Piecha.
You have further questions? Please do not hesitate to contact us, visit our website or watch our CNIRS Product Video on Youtube.